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    YAMAMOTO Glutamine POWDER 300 grammi
    YAMAMOTO Glutamine POWDER 300 grammi

    YAMAMOTO Glutamine POWDER 300 grammi

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    • 100% l-glutamine 100% from vegetable fermentation
    • Anti-catabolic function
    • Support for muscle hydration
    • Contrast to the onset of fatigue

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    Yamamoto® Nutrition Glutamine POWDER is a supplement based on extremely pure L-Glutamine powder. Glutamine POWDER is a Glutamine-based supplement, indicated for athletes who perform physical activities that require intense muscular effort.

    What is Glutamine POWDER? Glutamine is a conditionally essential amino acid for our body, and is concentrated in particular in muscle tissue. It is essential for the nervous system, is heavily involved in digestive processes, and is an important intermediate for kidney and liver function. Precisely thanks to its high availability in the body, L-glutamine performs multiple functions and our body also uses it according to need, transforming it, for example, into another amino acid according to the requests and needs of the various tissues. Under normal conditions, glutamine is synthesized by our body mainly in the skeletal muscle and, to a lesser extent, in the liver, brain and lungs.

    Glutamine has various functions: it helps prevent muscle catabolism, it favors the absorption of nutrients in the intestine when our body is under intense effort or it is used as an alternative energy source. Precisely for intestinal health, in recent years glutamine has been re-emerging in the fitness and supplementation market: given the ever-increasing incidence of stress at the intestinal and digestive level, it is also useful in the bulking phase to maintain intestinal health risk from high caloric intake. It also seems to play a role in delaying the sense of fatigue, promoting glycogen synthesis and instead reducing the accumulation of ammonia, while not raising insulin levels in any way.

    Muscle glycogen is essential for physical exercise and for having a good performance during workouts, and glutamine intake is useful in this sense especially in periods of diet with low amounts of carbohydrates or in the definition phase. Improves muscle recovery particularly in men and supports cellular hydration. It is a safe supplement even when taken chronically. Recent studies suggest the intake of 8g per day of Glutamine in the post-workout if taken for the resynthesis of glycogen, while quantities of about 20g/day are indicated when used for anti-catabolic purposes, to be taken in the post-workout or divided into several doses during the day. Benefits of our supplement Why choose Glutamine Powder: Delays the onset of fatigue sensation; Promotes the synthesis of muscle glycogen; Improve muscle recovery; Supports cellular hydration; Promotes the absorption of nutrients in the intestine, especially useful in periods of mass.


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    YAMAMOTO Glutamine POWDER 300 grammi -

    YAMAMOTO Glutamine POWDER 300 grammi

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