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    YAMAMOTO Amino-ELITE 30 bustine da 6,8 grammi
    YAMAMOTO Amino-ELITE 30 bustine da 6,8 grammi

    YAMAMOTO Amino-ELITE 30 bustine da 6,8 grammi

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    • Pre-workout born out of Coach Neil "Yoda" Hill's prescription needs for his athletes
    • Pre-workout with stimulating and thermogenic effect, without added caffeine
    • No excessive nerve stimulation, no overstimulation of the adrenal glands
    • Promotes concentration and lucidity in performance
    • Based on branched chain amino acids (Bcaa) and l-citrulline
    • With addition of green tea, rhodiola rosea and blend of extracts
    • Cambridge Assured Certification
    • Certification Inst AA
    • Slendacor Certification
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    EU3234363840424446USXX5XSSMLXLXXLXXLArm Length6161,56262,56363,56464,5Bust Circumference8084889296101106111Waist Girth6165697377828792Hip Circumference87919599103108113118

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    Today there are a very wide range of food supplements on the market to be used as "pre-workout" and as many intended as "thermogenesis" or "fat burners", often characterized by misleading or blatant claims, with elements to their content with dubious non-transparent characteristics and questionable effectiveness, up to the point of containing elements that can damage the health of the consumer himself. To characterize products of this type, "pre-workout" with a stimulating and even thermogenic effect, we find a common denominator at the base of most of the formulations, namely caffeine, contained in variable dosages and often combined with other similar stimulating substances. The category of "pre-workout" supplements has developed to support athletes in providing a certain energy in training, more concentration, more endurance to fatigue, caffeine which is always a protagonist offers tangible and perceptible effects quickly, bringing an energy surge psychophysics by blocking the adenosine receptors in the brain, which keeps the levels of the neurotransmitter "adenosine" low, which if high, are responsible for the increase in the feeling of tiredness, drowsiness, with consequent faster fatigue. Blocking those receptors helps make you feel more energetic, clear-headed, and alert.

    Even when we find ourselves tired, due to phases of psychophysical stress, food deficits or rest, we know that caffeine works. These products also have nitric oxide stimulators in their formulations, such as arginine or its esters, or rather citrulline, and/or other substances that affect vasodilation, to supply more nutrient-rich and oxygenated blood to the muscles and to remove metabolic waste products. Thanks to the caffeine itself, combined with other phytoextracted elements, these products are attributed the thermogenic effect, to help burn more adipose tissue. However, an athlete does not always want to use caffeine-based products (or with other substances that stimulate the nervous system), because he is simply intolerant, because he does not seek excessive nervous stimulation that lasts over time until compromising subsequent rest (those who train hard afternoon or evening), or because he does not want to overstimulate the adrenal glands and the associated secretion of adrenergic or stress hormones with all that follows.

    These conditions are more and more evident for an athlete, for which more and more research needs emerge for products that are in any case effective in promoting concentration, lucidity in performance, better muscle pumping rich in nutrients and oxygen, and perhaps at the same time, stimulating greater thermogenesis without having negative effects of elements that affect the nervous system in a too marked way to damage the fundamental component for any athlete: rest. Today the market also offers a line of "non-stimulant" pre-workout products that can still provide energy, concentration, muscle pump and even promote the mobilization of fatty acids but without containing caffeine or other "stimulating" elements. Yamamoto® Nutrition is proud to present Amino-ELITE, the pre-workout product, suitable for all athletes looking for energy, liveliness in training, improving performance, but above all their physical condition in terms of body composition.

    As suggested by the top trainer Neil Hill, with whom this formulation for the "Neil Hill Approved Line" was decided and wanted on the market: "This new product, destined to become another top seller, was born from the increasingly growing to have a product that works, that can be used even more than once a day, that keeps the muscle mass protected, nourished and oxygenated, that knows how to effectively burn fat, while maintaining the possibility of doing satisfactory workouts, but without having any side effects negative effects that affect the nervous system and therefore on recovery." AMINO ELITE is composed of: Instant branched amino acids (InstAA) with very high solubility to preserve the integrity of muscles subjected to intense training, to recover more quickly from DOMS, counteract fatigue mental health and have "emergency" energy support, especially in low-calorie and low-carbohydrate diets; L-Citrulline, an amino acid capable of strongly stimulating nitric oxide, so as to favor the flow of blood to the muscles and the relative removal of waste, improving resistance and performance in training; Green tea,recognized for its beneficial effects on thermogenesis and contrasting water retention; Rhodiola rosea, a famous adaptogen used for centuries for its acclaimed ability to tolerate stress and psychophysical fatigue. This is to have an anti-catabolic effect, especially in a context of caloric reduction or low carbohydrate intake, to favor the mobilization of fatty acids and allow thermogenesis as well as to improve performance and resistance with better tolerance to psychophysical fatigue.

    Amino-ELITE is an extremely versatile supplement for those seeking maximization of results in the slimming phases, with low-calorie regimens or with a low carbohydrate intake, even twice a day, for all athletes who do not want to use stimulants, usable before training, or before fasted cardio, several times a day. This without having any negative disturbance that could alter training (nervousness, tachycardia, excessive sweating, nausea...) but with the help of a supplement that works in preserving muscle mass and burning excess fat tissue with real effectiveness. But to characterize the extraordinary effectiveness of this product, without the aid of stimulants, the great protagonist of this product is the well-known Slendacor patent, thus making it an effective supplement aimed at improving body composition. Slendacor is a proprietary combination of three spices known in traditional oriental medicine, selected and combined based on their ability to work synergistically to inhibit the accumulation of fat in fat cells and improve the body's ability to burn fat tissue in safe and well tolerated manner.

    Researchers at Laila Nutraceuticals , who developed Slendacor, studied more than 400 Ayurvedic herbs to determine which ones inhibit lipogenesis and promote lipolysis, and found that it is these three herbs combined that are most effective ( Curcuma longa, Murraya koenigii and Moringa oleifera) to then be tested in vitro and in vivo to optimize their relationship for maximum results. The results of the most recent clinical research with Slendacor confirm a very interesting vastness of significant data for those who aim to maximize body composition, unlike many products with dubious composition, scarcity of data in favor (when present), and without being harmful or prohibited substances. Clinical research analyzes of the studies indicate that statistically significant reductions in research parameters were observed beginning at day 14, evidencing near-constant weight loss, supporting long-term weight loss and fat mass loss compared to diet and exercise alone. Also from this recent clinical study supporting Slendacor, which led to its being the best-selling "Weight management" ingredient worldwide, the subjects were of a broad age range and were a healthy population of overweight, non-obese people, whose analyzes indicate statistically significant reductions p < 0.0001) of the key parameters were observed starting from day 14, where a statistically significant weight loss was demonstrated, with a significant reduction in waist circumference and no reduction in lean body mass.

    KEY NOTES INFO:  from clinical research (at the bottom): Slendacor promotes weight loss, reduces body mass index (BMI), positively affects cholesterol, triglycerides and adiponectin levels and inhibits the accumulation of fat in adipocytes in a dose-dependent manner in a very well tolerated manner; Slendacor reduces weight, 47% more than diet placebo; a significant weight loss of 9% was obtained starting on day 14, as well as a reduction in body mass index after 8 weeks; serum levels of adiponectin (which regulates many important metabolic processes, including blood glucose regulation and use of fatty acids as an energy source) were increased by more than 20%, while those of ghrelin, the hormone affecting the increase in appetite, results were significantly reduced. Slendacor is a completely safe and tested product, already internationally awarded, contained in several of the best-selling "fat burner" supplements in the United States, Brazil, Australia, Asia and now soon also in Europe it is destined to spread rapidly .*Nutraingredients Ingredient of the Year Award (2017) winner in top-selling consumer weight management.


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    YAMAMOTO Amino-ELITE 30 bustine da 6,8 grammi -

    YAMAMOTO Amino-ELITE 30 bustine da 6,8 grammi

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