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    • 50% whey protein isolate by cross-flow ultrafiltration and microfiltration
    • 50% whey protein concentrate
    • Volactive® UltraWhey XP Certification
    • Volactive® Ultra Whey 80 Certification
    • Produced from fresh milk from cows not treated with hormones or antibiotics and without GMOs
    • Without xanthan gum, carrageenan and palm oil
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    Yamamoto® Nutrition Ultra Whey COMPLEX  contains Volactive® Ultra Whey 80 whey protein concentrate and Volactive® Ultra Whey XP isolate, obtained by cross-flow ultrafiltration and microfiltration. It does NOT contain collagen and other elements which can alter the quality and the VB (biological value) of the product. Yamamoto® Nutrition Ultra Whey COMPLEX is a drink with an excellent taste, with over 23g of proteins* from Volactive® Ultra Whey 80 concentrated whey protein and isolated by cross-flow ultrafiltration and Volactive® Ultra Whey XP quality microfiltration. The ratio between Whey is: 50% isolated Volactive® Ultra Whey XP and 50% concentrated Volactive® Ultra Whey 80. Ultra Whey COMPLEX DOES NOT CONTAIN among the ingredients listed on the label: palm oil, maltodextrin, xanthan gum, carrageenan or aminoacids in free form. In fact, the product contains EXCLUSIVELY concentrated whey proteins isolated by cross-flow ultrafiltration and Volactive® Ultra Whey XP quality microfiltration.

    What is Cross-Flow Ultrafiltration and Microfiltration Whey Protein Isolate?  Whey Protein Isolate (WPI - from the English Whey Protein Isolate) are treated with special systems to remove greater quantities of fat and lactose. They have by definition an average protein content of 90%, but the protein density can vary from lows of 86-88% or higher. Microfiltration is the most expensive process among those used for the isolation of whey-based protein supplements, and it is also the one that is able to best preserve the integrity and presence of the bio-active protein fractions. which then determine the quality of the protein itself. The whey, obtained in the first phase of processing by ultrafiltration, is conveyed into an apparatus which, using a system of membrane filters, proceeds to further progressive filtration, through which other unwanted particles are eliminated (including minerals, lipids and lactose). The proteins thus microfiltered are 99% undenatured and therefore retain all the important bio-active peptide fractions of undenatured whey.

    What is Whey Protein Concentrate?  In the world of food supplements you can find different types of whey proteins. Whey protein concentrate, or WPC (Whey Protein Concentrate), is obtained through micro and ultrafiltration processes, which use physical filters to separate fats and lactose from the protein, without damaging it (the differences between the two filtration techniques are minimal, and depend on the size of the filtration pores, about one micrometer large in microfiltration and 4 times smaller in ultrafiltration). In this way a powder with a high protein content (70-85%) is obtained. First generation whey protein powders contained 30-40% protein and high amounts of lactose, fat, and undenatured protein. Modern concentrates, on the other hand, contain up to 70-80% protein with reduced amounts of lactose and fat. Many people tend to believe that a WPC is inherently smaller than a city block. This is actually FALSE. In fact, although WPCs contain less protein than an isolate (70-85% vs 90-95%), a high quality WPC contains several interesting compounds not found in isolates. Indeed, WPCs contain much higher levels of growth factors (such as IGF-1, TGF-1 and TGF-2), various phospholipids and bioactive lipids (such as conjugated linoleic acid - CLA), and often contain even higher levels of immunoglobulins and lactoferrin. Many people, unaware of the crap that unfortunately the world of food supplements is strategically implementing, thinks that having an extra source of amino acids, added to protein powders, is a positive factor. The truth is that amino acids are not added to give a "plus" to the value of the product, but to be able to alter the nitrogen value. Several amino acids (such as taurine, arginine, and glycine) have negligible costs, and with little the "sly" companies by enhancing this value, technically give a "boost" to the protein value. But it is the addition of individual amino acids: the nitrogen value test takes into account this factor, which actually increases... without however giving real added value, but fictitious on the benefits and misleading. Arginine has a high nitrogen content, more than the protein isolate itself.

    So? PROTEIN SPIKING served. Put simply, if you have 15 g of whey isolate and add 5 g of glycine, there will not be 20 g of protein per serving for the "nitrogen test", but 15 real, complete, and 5 of a non-essential amino acid, without therefore that no particular benefit is brought to muscle support, but aimed at cutting the manufacturing company's costs. Always ask yourself why such low prices: COSTA quality protein raw material. And not a little. Once again, before being able to really choose among the options on the market, it is very important to know how to read the labels.

    What does Volactive® certification and raw material mean? Volac® is a point of reference in the field of dairy and animal husbandry production, as well as the largest whey protein producer nutrients for "Lifestyle" applications in Europe. It has earned a reputation as an absolute innovator in production technology and nutritional development. Volac®'s technical-scientific team draws on the company's 40-year heritage in whey processing and the use of state-of-the-art ultrafiltration techniques. The Volactive® product range arises from the use of the most recent and complex membrane and spray drying technologies which effectively stabilize the protein matter, reducing the denaturation of the proteins to an absolute minimum, and thus providing whey proteins with nutritional profiles highly superior compared to protein preparations obtained with other processing methods which can compromise their stability. "Volac® officially certifies and guarantees the content of Yamamoto® Nutrition proteins." http://www.volac.it/lifestyle-ingredients/our-capabilities/processing-skills-and-technology Volac®'s technical team draws on the company's 40-year heritage in whey processing and its pioneering use of ultrafiltration techniques. The Volactive® range is manufactured using the latest membrane drying and spray drying technologies, to minimize protein denaturation and provide whey protein with superior nutrient profiles. Why choose Ultra Whey COMPLEX®? Here are some valid reasons: Volactive® UltraWhey XP and Ultra Whey 80 certification: Ultra Whey COMPLEX is a protein made up solely and exclusively of Volactive® UltraWhey XP and Volactive® UltraWhey 80 certified raw materials. 50% from Volactive® UltraWhey XP cross-flow ultrafiltration and microfiltration whey protein isolate and 50% from Volactive® UltraWhey 80 concentrated protein. 100% Italian production: Ultra Whey COMPLEX, like all Yamamoto® brand products, is assembled and packaged in Italy. So it's a 100% Italian-made product.


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