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    One Protein Iso Whey 500 grammi
    One Protein Iso Whey 500 grammi

    One Protein Iso Whey 500 grammi

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    • 100% Whey Protein Isolate by Cross Flow Microfiltration
    • Volactive® UltraWhey 90 Instant Certification
    • 100% Italian production
    • Without carrageenan and palm oil
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    Iso Whey is a supplement based on Volactive® UltraWhey 90 Instant quality whey protein isolate. Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) is treated with special systems to remove greater amounts of fat and lactose. They have by definition an average protein content of 90%, but the protein density can vary from the lows of 86-88% or higher. Iso Whey stands out for its unsurpassed degree of purity as the raw material of which it is made is 100% obtained with the best method, i.e. by cross-flow microfiltration. Microfiltration is the most expensive process among those used for the isolation of protein supplements based on whey protein, but it is also the one that is able to best preserve the integrity and presence of the bio-active protein fractions that determine the quality of the protein itself. The whey obtained in the first phase of processing by ultrafiltration is conveyed into an apparatus which, using a system of membrane filters, proceeds to a further progressive filtration through which other unwanted particles are eliminated, including minerals, lipids and lactose. The microfiltered proteins are 99% undenatured and retain all the important bio-active peptide fractions of undenatured whey.

    This certified raw material has a very high degree of purity which makes it extremely soluble and assimilable by the body. The complete assimilation guarantees the maximization of the protein supply to the muscles, favoring the increase in muscle mass. In fact, proteins perform an important action on the muscles, they are synthesized during the "protein synthesis" process and determine their maintenance and growth. Volactive® UltraWhey 90 Instant is a high quality whey protein isolate. Containing at least 92% whey protein, 90% is ultra-filtered through a low temperature, low pressure process to create an extra pure whey protein ingredient that is low in lactose and fat. Why Choose Iso Whey? Volactive® UltraWhey 90 Instant Certification. 100% Italian production.

    26 grams of pure whey protein isolate per serving (Strawberry flavour). Only 0.3 grams of fat per serving, 1.3 grams of carbohydrates and only 114 calories per serving (Strawberry flavour).

    One Protein
    ONE PROTEIN Iso Whey 500 grammi

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    ONE PROTEIN Iso Whey 500 grammi - ONE PROTEIN Iso Whey 500 grammi

    One Protein Iso Whey 500 grammi

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