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    Yamamoto Infusion - ELITE 400gr
    Yamamoto Infusion - ELITE 400gr

    Yamamoto Infusion - ELITE 400gr

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    • Post-workout born out of Coach Neil "Yoda" Hill's prescription needs for his athletes
    • Based on cross-flow microfiltration whey protein isolate, egg white, hydrolysed casein, hydrolysed whey protein isolate
    • With added digestive enzymes
    • Provides fast and easy digestion protein material of the best biological value and best quality in the world
    • Volactive UltraWhey XP Certification
    • Optipep 90 DH4 Certification
    • PeptoPro Certification
    • Digezyme Certification
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    EU3234363840424446USXX5XSSMLXLXXLXXLArm Length6161,56262,56363,56464,5Bust Circumference8084889296101106111Waist Girth6165697377828792Hip Circumference87919599103108113118

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    When we train we know that a series of traumas are created in the muscle tissue directly related to the intensity of our training, and these lacerations, real traumas that induce a series of physiological reactions, must be repaired as soon as possible if want to maximize your training results and get back to training as soon as possible.

    The breakdown of muscle fibers and the subsequent reconstruction converges in a process known as "protein turnover". If we want to rebuild strong muscles as soon as possible and ready to face the most intense workouts, we must provide for the reconstruction by supplying "plastic" material suitable for the "regenerating fire" of the protein synthesis that has been induced. The priority is to prevail over muscle breakdown = catabolism, which is the basis of muscle reconstruction and growth, directing the positive protein balance during the reconstruction phase, amplifying the effect of protein synthesis, reversing the trend of structural protein breakdown , thanks to the immediate replenishment of proteins / amino acids in the post-workout phase.

    The immediate availability of protein "plastic" material, and in particular the form in which it is supplied, strongly influences the effectiveness and speed of this reconstruction, as it provides a blood supply rich in all essential amino acids, with the support of further precious others that can give strength to muscle reconstruction (in addition to the importance of glucose) during and especially after exercise means further increasing the power of protein synthesis. An athlete who trains with a certain intensity and for a certain period of time knows well that after training it is not advisable to "eat" solid food. But this time following the hours after training is crucial for the result of the reconstruction, even if in the immediate future, our body is not particularly "ready" to digest and absorb in this delicate phase of acute inflammation and still highly under the effects of an active sympathetic nervous system. Too much time taken away for digestion and for making the amino acid material bioavailable for the muscles, if we want to optimize recovery and promote maximum anabolic response, and science today confirms us with several studies on protein supplementation after training, providing us with very important data on the "timing" of the necessary micronutrients and which type we must choose. Research in recent years suggests that the combination of several protein sources (with relative differentiation on the times of absorption and release into the bloodstream) is better than the administration of a single protein source, albeit of high biological value, confirming it as the best choice to take after training for muscle rebuilding. The food supplement market presents us with various protein sources of high biological value, derived from dairy products but not only (see egg whites) which can have different amino acid composition characteristics to be exploited and different digestion or absorption times.

    Specifically, for example, we know that whey proteins, both concentrated and isolated, have averagely rapid digestion and absorption times, which are then surpassed by their "hydrolysed" version, i.e. the same raw material subjected to different hydrolysis processes, which make it characterized by smaller, more rapidly absorbed peptides, given that in addition to presenting themselves as pre-digested or decomposed proteins, they follow paths through "enzymatic carriers" that can be defined as "privileged". And they arrive sooner to be bioavailable, keeping their composition intact without being denatured and thus the same "power" on protein synthesis. This does not detract from the importance of protein sources such as egg whites or caseins with slower digestion and amino acid release, if we think that the muscles do not recover and rebuild themselves in what used to be called the 30-minute "anabolic window". Protein synthesis continues, and must continue to be sustained, and muscle recovery occurs over the next 6, 24 and 48 hours after an intense workout. This is how experience and research in the field of nutrient timing have shown it to be increasingly important that this amino acid sustenance is extremely rapid and effective but also that this release of precious "building blocks" lasts longer, until the next solid meal.Today science and the most advanced production technologies to which we have access offer us a series of elements of protein origin of extraordinary biological value and the possibility of having them in the form of "hydrolysed" proteins, pre-digested, broken down into very small peptides ready to arrive in an extremely to our muscles without having to undergo demanding digestive processes that our body, still under stress, would not be able to optimize at that moment. Infusion-ELITE was born as one of the protagonists of the new "Neil Hill Approved" line for advanced athletes, precisely to provide very quickly the best of the amino acid-protein material in terms of quality and biological value to the athlete who needs faster muscle recovery. as fast and efficient as possible, thanks to the presence of a protein blend of several highly digestible and rapidly absorbed sources, ideal for the phase immediately following training, when our body is still on "alarm", not "ready" for eat and absorb what it needs. But if we also want to optimize the intensity of the results, we must provide as soon as possible what our muscles need to grow.

    The concept behind this amazing new protein recovery supplement is to deliver this valuable material as soon as possible in the bloodstream and get to the muscles quickly and continue for a certain amount of time, thus leading to a new level of effectiveness for recovery. importance, widely confirmed, of protein supplementation after training. Infusion-ELITE provides quickly and without weighing down digestion, and in an absolutely pleasant way on the palate, the certified protein material of the best biological value obtained from the best processing technology in microfiltration and hydrolysis, in order to start the reconstruction processes as soon as possible muscle ensuring an important amino acidemia and to maintain it for a few hours, thanks to the combination of various differentiated protein mixtures at various release levels, through this extraordinary new generation "blend" based on excellent sources with rapid, ultra-rapid and more gradual absorption, formulated in an optimal balance, in a product that to date is unrivaled in terms of formulation and certified quality of raw materials in its composition: Whey protein isolate obtained from cross-flow microfiltration and microfiltration (Volactive UltraWhey XP): 45% Whey protein Egg White: 25% Casein Hydrolysates (PeptoPro): 20% Whey Hydrolysate Isolate (Optipep 90 DH4): 10% Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) included is the best version of protein "isolate" " on the market, "Volactive UltraWhey XP" obtained from cross-flow microfiltration, the most innovative advanced technology for the removal of lactose and lipids from whey, allowing an average protein content of 90% and maintaining absolute integrity of the matrix protein that is not denatured, thus ensuring the presence of bioactive fractions that determine the high quality and value of this protein source. The isolated proteins obtained from cross-flow microfiltration are known to be easily digestible and ensure rapid amino acid assimilation, which correlated with the presence of "insulinogenic" amino acids (arginine, phenylalanine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, valine, glycine) gives this protein source a high insulin index very useful for amplifying the anabolic dynamics in the muscle recovery phases Egg white proteins remain among the absolute best protein sources for the human body, which present the maximum biological value, in the absence of carbohydrates and fat. Egg white proteins have been chosen in this blend as they are also digested and used by the body in a practically complete way but which, unlike whey proteins, have more prolonged digestion, absorption and release times. in addition to a greater satiating power.

    For this particular blend, the importance of the speed of action of the protein material, the speed of bioavailability of the amino acids, was particularly raised in the Research and Development sector by top trainer Neil Hill " critical" for an athlete to handle. Here we could only include the "PeptoPro" casein hydrolysates, peptide derivatives obtained from casein (slow digesting milk protein) which Yamamoto Nutrition as an innovative leader company was the first to launch on the European market a few years ago.Quite different from the slow digestive characteristics of the casein from which it is obtained, as it is subjected to a complex enzymatic hydrolysis which splits the peptide bonds of the "whole" proteins making them molecules of extremely smaller dimensions. These small protein "scraps", broken down in the form of small groups of amino acids "the peptides" are then found in a very high concentration (about 80%), most of which we find as small di- and tri-peptides, very small amino acid fractions of the size below 300 Daltons, which are absorbed in the intestine in an exceptionally rapid way compared to any other protein version, through a different and faster transport carrier than that of the same amino acids in free form. Do not forget that such a small size makes them a "hypoallergenic" protein material (to be taken into consideration for those who are intolerant to whole milk proteins, for example). But that is not all. In the field of post-workout recovery, the co-ingestion of PeptoPro hydrolysed caseins after training together with a high glycemic index carbohydrate source significantly amplifies the insulinogenic effect in favor of more efficient muscle glycogen storage.


    To enrich and enhance the effects on protein synthesis of this "optimal" protein blend for recovery, thanks to its very high content in small peptides for the fastest and most efficient reconstruction of muscle tissue, we have added another protein hydrolyzate of excellence, Optipep 90 DH4 raw material with excellent biological value derived from a high degree of enzymatic hydrolysis of whey protein isolate, Grass-Fed certified which further confirms the very high quality of origin of the production. This combination of hydrolysates translates into the maximum expression and synergy of how two different protein sources can combine their amino acid profile characteristics, reinforcing the effects of bioavailable speed and enhancement of protein synthesis. INFUSION ELITE in this regard is a step forward also in terms of taste, where thanks to numerous tests and production innovations, it presents itself with an absolutely more than pleasant aromatization, bearing in mind the high concentration of hydrolysed material it contains, knowing full well that the proteins hydrolyzed, for reasons of chemical structure, they are known for their unpleasant taste and very difficult to mask (if you want to maintain a high protein concentration and without adding excess excipients).

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    Yamamoto Infusion - ELITE 400gr -

    Yamamoto Infusion - ELITE 400gr

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